Anoka Paranormal Investigations
When someone asks me why I am doing this?

My answer is simple "I have never thought inside the box to begin with nor do I know how to". I know not everybody thinks like this and that's ok because that's what make us who we are. Ever since I was a young I have loved anything fringe, on the edge, or anything that makes you think or scares the hell out of you.

What most ran from I sought out. My thought process tells me we need to face the unknown head on and learn about what we do not know or understand. Then log the information so the experience can be replicated and form a hypothesis (educated guess for us common folk).

I have no intention of changing what I am doing or how I think. The universe is my classroom I am just a student.

Personal experiences and being interested in learning more about the paranormal have led me to this new relationship with API. Although I am an accountant by profession, I have found that nothing is always black and white. I hope my ability to see the gray areas will allow me to be a valuable contributor to the future investigations that I participate in.

There's a lot of imagination in this. A lot of subjectivity and a lot of wishful thinking in this spooky hobby. Then, there's that 1 or 2% that's not so easy to explain away. I have had just one such experience, at the age of 6, in a brownstone in Brooklyn, which has fueled my interest in the unknown. Since then, I remain a cautious optimist, or a or an optimistic pessimist.

No orbs, please.

It began at the age of 5 when I had my first encounter with a haunted location. At that age, I had no idea what was happening. Scary? Absolutely! But as time passed and I continued to have more and more experiences, the paranormal became my version of normal, and I began journaling about it at the age of 11. As my interest in the paranormal grew, so too did my knowledge and experience. I knew that this was my true calling. These events became the springboard for two of my passions in life; the paranormal and my love of writing. I eventually turned those journal entries into a published book and the passion into a deeper study and research of the paranormal.

Today I'm a professional paranormal investigator, and author. The idea of helping others through blending the spiritual aspect of the afterlife with a scientific approach led me to API. The best part is that I'm helping to educate the masses on this touchy subject matter, and helping to answer many of the afterlife questions that have prevailed us all at some point in our lives. I'm honored to be part of a team who shares my passion and vision.

After experiencing a Paranormal incident at age 16, I have always been interested in studying the Paranomal world. I have been investigating Paranormal activity for over 4 years, and enjoy bringing closure to people looking for answers.

(coming soon)

I joined in April of 2016. I have been able to communicate with the spirit world my entire life, but just recently my gift has become very strong and I have been able to share it wth others, so I decided to join API to see if I could put my gift to good use.

I personally have had several experiences in my life, which has led me to this fascination with the Paranormal. I am happy to join this diverse group of investigators we have with API. Everyone brings something different to the table which helps us look into the Paranormal from many angles. I enjoy doing research to find the history of a place that's reported to have paranormal activity, which can help in an investigation. I feel that some people have experiences that after being investigated, it can be explained or "debunked". But sometimes we find things we cannot explain or "debunk" which leaves us scratching our heads saying hmmmmmm.

I enjoy helping those seeking our help to come to terms with and be at peace with whatever we find.

I've been interested in the Paranormal since I was in high school, but I am one who looks for proof. I have had a few experiences in my life that I've not been able to "debunk", but I also cannot prove.

I look forward to working with API in exploring the world of the Paranormal and hopefully finding proof of the existence of things we cannot explain. My hope is to bring comfort and understanding to people that have had experiences of the unknown.