Anoka Paranormal Investigations

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 7 PM
Staff Dev Ctr, 2727 North Ferry Street in Anoka (Enter Door 7)

With the ever increasing popularity of ghost hunting on TV; the showcasing of the science and intrigue of all things paranormal in the media and on the web, We here at Anoka Paranormal Investigations would like to create a quality outlet of proper education for those who wish to know and truly understand the paranormal better. We have always conducted ourselves with integrity and pride, and in that we wish to create a safe environment for all involved in establishing the ultimate experience of what the paranormal world is all about. Registration is $35.

*Get a brief overview on the process of investigating haunted locations
*Take a look at some of the equipment needed to conduct an investigation
*Participate in a actual live flash investigation
*Know what it's like to do evidence review
*See actual evidence captured by instructors on previous investigations
*Tell your own ghost stories
*Student and Instructor Q & A

Details through Anoka Community Education here - Cost is $35