Anoka Paranormal Investigations

PI 101; Understanding Ghosts and Spirits $35
How it that ghosts and spirits can sometimes manifest, and why do they often not? Why do some people see them, and others "feel" them? How do spirits move things? Believe it or not there IS an explanation for all of this...We will give you a better idea of what ghost/spirit energy is, going into depth using proven scientific explanations yet incorporating a "sensitives". Using this information, we answer those age old questions...Then we outline the 5 types of Hauntings recognized within the paranormal field as well as many of the most known subcategories you many have often heard about.

PI 102; Proper Investigative Techniques $35 (pre-requisite PI 101)
This class will focus on the correct way to conduct yourself on a professional paranormal investigation from the client contact initial interview to the conclusion of the investigation itself. You will get an education on the difference between Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigating, display empathy towards the client and spirit(s), protecting yourselves going in, knowing the right questions to ask the client, understand the proper way to perform EVP sessions, conducing baseline readings, as well as proper photography techniques used before and during the investigation. We will also touch on historical, environmental, and geographical research along with journaling.

PI 103; Paranormal Toys $35 (pre-requisite PI 102)
This seems to be the favorite of every budding investigator; the equipment used in the field. In this class we will have on display many of the pieces that API currently utilizes in the field of study. We will explain each piece, give you a full breakdown on what they are all used for, exactly how each one works and why. We will also outline some of the most basic old school methods (including the use of our own bodies) that we feel still work combined with today's advancing scientific technology. You will be advised on the equipment that we feel every kit should include, and lastly you will have the opportunity to see some of the equipment up close and personal.

PI 104; Evidence Review $35 (pre-requisite PI 103)
Probably the most redundant and honestly boring part of investigating, but also one of the most important. Remember it's in that one nugget of solid concrete evidence that you discover that will make the hours of review worth every second. We will explain to you what Pareidolia and Matrixing is, and how these terms will help you to know if that's what you're really seeing or hearing in the audio and video. We will explain what to look for in photos and video to help debunk or verify sightings found. We will also break out our version of a "round table" discussion by opening our treasure trove of evidence. We will present you some of what we have discovered in our many years of investigating -calling on you to help debunk or verify what we may or may not see.

PI 105; Investigation $35 (pre-requisite PI 104)
Using everything that you've learned in our classes, taken to the field of paranormal research. You will accompany API on an investigation as a guest, where you will be responsible for your role as an investigator in the case from start to finish, even reporting back to API with your part of the evidence review. Confidentiality and liability wavers will need to be signed in advance. Location of investigation will not be disclosed in advance, but will be determined at a later date upon purchase of this class or completion of PI 104.

*Purchase classes separately, choosing only what you are interested in at $35 each, or register and purchase all 5 classes for a discount of $140.

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