Anoka Paranormal Investigations


11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Meditation is commonly used to clear the clutter from your mind, it helps us to not sweat the small things, to allow us to disconnect from technology for even small intervals of time. It raises our vibrations and energy consciousness, making for a happier, healthier, more peaceful way of life. In this class we will take time to go through a brief summary of what energy is, and how it affects us mentally, physically, and spiritually on a day to day basis. We will discuss personal energy vibrations, and guide you through a couple of variations of meditation to help raise your vibration as well as take you through the process of grounding and protecting yourself from various outside energies that can positively or negatively affect your way of life.

Class includes handouts to take home with you for at home meditation practice as well as a 15ml bottle of Grounding Mist and Grounding and Protection stones in a velvet pouch -all yours to keep.

$45 per person. Class is limited to 15 people

* This will take place at an outside location. If it rains we have a spot we can also hold this.
Thank you!!!

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