Anoka Paranormal Investigations

Our team is an extraordinary group of people who convey respected, varying experience and overall professionalism throughout the investigation from the client interview to the result reveal. API values its clientele and their experiences. API provides confidential, discreet, and professional services for your personal or business issues. Our commitment to you is to fully use our combined resources to help you find solutions to those questions that you have been unable to answer.

API team members all have full-time employment outside of investigating. Our work is funded by classes we offer to the community and a few charitable donations.

1. Full home or business investigation, with full review of results found

2. Provide educational assistance if you choose to live with the activity

3. Bless or cleanse the location if requested by the client

4. Provide safe removal and storage of items found causing activity

5. Constant contact; once a client, always a friend of API

We begin with a thorough phone interview to identify the activity you are experiencing. This can be things you see, hear, smell, or feel. This can be events in your home or business.

The next step, if asked, is that we will likely come to your location for a walkthrough, to determine if there are natural causes for your claims and what equipment will be needed if an investigation is conducted.

We will present our findings on a predetermined date. You will also be given a full report with our assessment.

By Carrie Mitchell
Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gone are the days where psychics and mediums emitted this crazy substance when coming in contact with ghosts and spirits during a séance. We all know now that many of these famous photographs were faked. This has been proven time and again. Its physical existence has been disproven by science to contain non-paranormal substances.  Once such case is Helen Duncan. She was a famously known and a highly photographed medium who continuously utilized props as her "ectoplasm". Paranormal Researcher, Harry Price tested many substances said to come from Helen Duncan as well as from other mediums, and found them to contain non-supernatural materials such as cheesecloth, gauze, paper cutouts, organic materials, dolls, rubber gloves, and more. Harry Price eventually helped to expose fraudulent mediums of the day by co-writing a book called Revelations of a Spirit Medium (1922). Read more

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